The 3rd Dimension in K-12 Education

Introducing the 3rd diemension in k -12 education

K-12 education is the foundation of any child growing up. A typical school education for a child can be classified as below:

1st Dimension (Basic/Mandatory Education): Includes the most fundamental subjects such as languages, maths, science, social studies. These are critical for building a strong foundation for learning in school and beyond.

2nd Dimension (Art/Sport Education): This dimension came to prominence about three to four decades ago when the school boards and parents alike felt the necessity for physical training through sports and/or expression of creative skills through arts, such as music, painting, etc.

3rd Dimension: This new emerging dimension of ‘Technology Education‘ is key to initiating a child into the world of technology that is shaping the human future. Not only will it inculcate problem solving and critical thinking abilities, but also help build skills that will prepare the child for a different future.

Interestingly, schools have taken the first important step in setting up a suitable infrastructure to support technology education – a Computer Lab. Typically most schools provide at least one computer for every five students. But thats just a start. 

Modo Edulabs? vision is to augment this dimension in schools by accelerating learning in areas such as coding as well as introducing kids to electronics, automation, autonomy, AI, machine learning.

Recent research among schools that have introduced robotics or coding classes highlights increased:

  • Future readiness
  • Understanding of STEM subjects
  • Creativity
  • Problem solving
  • Logical thinking 

Technology education when taught correctly prepares children for life, regardless of career path they choose. Visit to learn about our beginner level course ?JumpStart?. To speak call 9900206333 or write to us


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