Taking STEM education outside the classroom

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Primary education is a must. It gives children a firm foundation on which they can build their future. But it’s a little overrated. A child needs much more than a set of textbooks & a uniform to prepare him for what tomorrow holds. The world is changing – and soon the most lucrative jobs of today will be obsolete tomorrow. Are you sure your child’s school environment is thought-provoking enough?

So, what is STEM?

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.

STEM study is a carefully thought out series of educational fundamentals that are the key to tomorrow’s jobs & the future of the human employment. STEM education ensures your child gets the right kind of educational reinforcement that will help him be a productive member of tomorrow’s world.

Why your kid needs STEM education outside the classroom?

STEM expertise based employment opportunities are projected to grow to 9 million+ openings by 2022. Traditional barriers to employment are slowly fading. Location, age, and human resources are no longer a problem. Making math and science both fun and interesting helps children to do much more than just learn, it will help them thrive in a knowledge-based world. It’s all around us and expanding into every aspect of our daily lives, so why not take a closer look at it ?

Quick Facts:

  • 75% of Nobel Prize winners in the sciences say that they developed a love for science from a source outside the classroom.
  • A robotics course will likely stoke kids’ interest outside of school, as only 18.5% of a K-12 student’s hours are spent in a classroom.
  • 63% of teens have never considered a career in STEM – yet, it’s a necessity for societies and economies to progress!
  • While less than half of 2013 high school grads were ready for college-level math courses, an even lower percentage of grads were prepared for science courses.
  • It’s everywhere: In Estonia, the first European country with DSL in every school, the home of Skype and one of the first e-enabled governments, students start learning to code in the 1st grade.


Why STEM programs needs more kids like yours?

The world needs more inventive children. STEM education creates critical thinkers, increases scientific literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators. Change is inevitable and science & creativity go hand in hand. This your chance to be an agent of that change. Who knows, your kid’s silly science experiment could be the basis for a groundbreaking discovery tomorrow! At the least, it will spark genuine scientific curiosity and pro-active learning.

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