RoboModo: Jumpstart

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JumpStart is an online course for children in the age group of 8 to 12 years, and is a stepping stone into the world of robotics and programming. Robotics as a field has seen tremendous amount applications around us in the recent times, in households and industries. Through this program, your child will receive access to an exclusive robotics kit, which is sourced from a renowned global kit manufacturer. The online modules are specially designed to fuel young minds by teaching them the concept of robotics and introducing them to the components of a robot, with a special focus around the sensor technologies. The program also takes them one step ahead by introducing concepts of graphical programming, which will help in creating a functional robot. Ultimately, this comprehensive online program provides real-world knowledge of how robotics are being used in our day-to-day lives and by the end of this course, your child will have built his own robot and programmed it to perform certain actions.


Why should your child take this course?

  • RoboModo has 25 modules, which are well-researched and compiled by educational specialists to provide a comprehensive knowledge and hands-on learning
  • The course is completely web-based ? which means your child can access the course conveniently anytime, anywhere without losing continuity.
  • Every child who enrolls into the course receives an exclusive robotic kit, which is tested and sourced from a leading international manufacturer.
  • Programming is an integral part of the RoboModo course ? we extensively use globally-recognized child-friendly languages such as Scratch or Snap.
  • Your child will get a dedicated network of specialists to take help from during the course, supported by online chat or telephone.
  • Online Modo community of likeminded children, parents and STEM specialists will help to extend the knowledge, support, and network.
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