JumpStart is an online, beginner-level course in Robotics and Programming, suitable for children 8 years and above. JupStart comes in three options: all options have same course content, but different robotic kits. VirtualBot option comes with a simulator bot (software), while GizmoBotmBot options come with a physical kit, which will be shipped to your home soon after registering

CodeModo - Intro into Scratch Programming
Category: Programming, Robotics
CodeModo – Intro into Scratch Programming

Visual programming is a great stepping stone for children who are keen to learn programming (or coding). Scratch is one of such visual programming tool that is made specifically to suit children's learning needs. It...

Start Time:
Course Price: ₹8200
gizmobot full hd clear images
Category: Programming, Robotics
JumpStart – GizmoBot

JumpStart – GizmoBot is the ideal beginner level program for children 8 years and above. The course packs a punch combining the digital learning technologies with hands-on learning with 'made in India' robotic kit that...

Start Time:
25 Modules
Course Price: ₹11250
Mbot full hd image
Category: Programming, Robotics
JumpStart – mBot

JumpStart - mBot is a great way for children to learn electronics, robotics & programming. It is a unique online course that combines the power of digital teaching with educational robotic kit for hands-on learning....

Start Time:
25 Modules

How it Works

1. Enroll online at www.heymodo.com

You choose the course of your choice and enroll online by paying the course fee.

2. Login and start lessons instantly

Start enjoying your online classes right after you enroll into the course. Do not forget to complete the quizzes to move forward.

3. Receive kit and assemble

Depending on the kit you choose, you will either receive a physical kit for assembly or receive access to a simulator bot (software).

4. Start programming your bot

Once you have mastered the programming tool, you can work on 50+ activities with your bot.

5. Complete the course and receive certificate

Voila! Once you have completed the level, your certificate will reach your mailbox.


Modo’s vision is to work with K-12 students to broaden their understanding of the latest technologies that are shaping the human future.

Futuristic Online Courses

The world is moving to anytime anywhere access to content in a device of choice. Modo is future ready by bringing well-defined online robotics courses for kids to your fingertips.

Experiential Learning

All our robotics courses have been designed by experienced educational specialists for kids using interactive teaching methods to provide a 360-degree in-depth understanding.

Kit-based Learning

Every child enrolled in a Modo course gets an exclusive kit of relevance and choice, thus ensuring hands-on learning while also enabling creativity and innovation

Relevance to Daily Life

Through Modo’s comprehensive online courses, keep your child in the know of the latest innovations and advancements in the fields of robotics and allied areas, and their real-world applications.

Blended Curriculum

Providing a holistic approach to learning, Modo’s interactive courses incorporate theory with hands-on activity-based learning that helps students implement and understand real-life applications.

Future Ready

By providing early exposure to the growing fields of robotics, AI, drones, 3D printing and many more topics, we make sure your child appreciates the latest in technological trends.


  • Honestly, it was so much fun. Though videos explain complicated things, it was explained in a very kid-friendly way. RoboModo: JumpStart has taught me a lot and I'm ever grateful to it.

    Veena S, Modo Parent
  • RoboModo: JumpStart course has helped my daughter understand the basics of Robotics and how it is being used in today’s world.

    Sonia S, Modo Parent
  • I'm glad about the JumpStart course, even my son was excited, immensely interested in the course. Well planned course with good support.

    Bindu S, Modo Parent
  • My son keenly involves himself in pursuing the JumpStart course, and feels excited while moving his robot accordingly. Very well-planned course.

    Kiran J, Modo Parent


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