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As parents, it?s only natural that you want your kids to have best of everything. But why buy expensive toys when your kids can build their own?

Our team at Modo Edulabs has planned something amazing to fuel your child?s curiosity and creativity. We?re talking about JumpStart, a one-of-a-kind online course in robotics and programming for children 8+ years. It?s a fully-integrated robotics program that equips children with the tools and knowledge they require to build their own unique robots.

Give your child their very own robot kit
JumpStart is an online robotics course for kids that challenge their creative horizons. Every child taking the course will get their very own exclusive robot kit, from one of the top robot kit producers. These innovative robot kits are designed to help kids discover how to use controllers, motors, sensors and more. Futuristic in every sense of the word, our robotics course also gives comprehensive, practical exposure to science, technology, engineering and math concepts. It provides an exciting hands-on learning environment with robots.

More about the online robotics course
Our robotics course is dedicated to inspire young minds by introducing them to the concepts of robotics and familiarizing them with the various aspects of robots and sensor technologies through their robotics kit. We prioritise balancing subject knowledge with real-life applications. The program also takes children one step ahead by delving into concepts of visual programming with Scratch software, developed by MIT Labs. JumpStart focuses on the latest technological concepts and innovations. By the end of the course, your child will be equipped with technical skills and knowledge at par with the international and future global trends.

Key Outcomes
? Familiar with Real World Concepts : Not only will your kids be taught robotic applications, but they will also be aided to learn real world application through programming, engineering design and robotics.
? Discover the benefits of Critical Thinking : Logical thinking and solution oriented thought process is highly encouraged in our course. Kids are asked to figure out problems using specific tools and course content enabling higher cognitive awareness and result associated application.

Build a robot at home
The purpose of the course is to allow your kids to unleash the inner-innovator and build things they wish to with their own hands. From simple toys to smart machines, your kids can now build them all.

Sign up for the JumpStart where the possibilities are infinite and the fun and learning is unlimited!

Register now and avail the course at only Rs.11,250.


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