JumpStart – GizmoBot

Course Price: ₹8200
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JumpStart – GizmoBot is the ideal beginner level program for children 8 years and above. The course packs a punch combining the digital learning technologies with hands-on learning with 'made in India' robotic kit that is designed keeping children in mind. The Programming modules are taught using Scratch, the most child-friendly platform. Robotics as a field has seen tremendous amount of applications around us in the recent times, in households and industries. Through this course, your child will receive access to an exclusive GizmoBot robot kit, which is designed and developed by a leading manufacturer in India. The online modules are specially designed to fuel young minds by teaching them to build robots and learn robotics online by introducing them to the components of a robot, with a special focus around the sensor technologies. The course also takes them one step ahead by introducing concepts of block-based programming, which will help them learn to build a functional robot.
Ultimately, this comprehensive course provides real-world knowledge of how robotics are being used in our day-to-day lives and by the end of this course, your child will have built a robot and programmed it to perform certain actions.

Learning Outcomes

Why should your child learn robotics online?

  • JumpStart has 25 modules, which are well-researched and compiled by educational specialists to provide a comprehensive learning.
  • JumpStart is 100% online – which means your child can access the course conveniently anytime, anywhere without losing continuity.
  • Every enrollment into the course gets access to an educational robotic kit for hands-on learning.
  • Block programming is an integral part of JumpStart course – we extensively use globally-recognized child-friendly languages such as Snap! or Scratch programming tools.
  • Your child will get a dedicated network of specialists to take help from during the course, supported through online chat or telephone or email.
MODULE 1 : Robots and Robotics

MODULE 2 – Types of Robots MODULE 3 – Motors and Controllers

MODULE 4 – Sensors Part 1 MODULE 5 – Sensors Part 2

MODULE 6 – Flowchart & Algorithm MODULE 7 – Circuits and Switches MODULE 8 – GizmoBot – Unboxing & Assembly MODULE 9 – Introduction to Scratch MODULE 10 – More on Scratch MODULE 11 – Using Advanced Blocks in Scratch MODULE 12 – Introduction to mBlock MODULE 13 – Concepts of Physics (Part I) & Introduction to RGB LED in GizmoBot MODULE 14 – Concepts of Physics (Part 2) & Introduction to Buzzer in GizmoBot MODULE 15 – Concepts of Physics (Part 3) & Introduction to Motors in GizmoBot MODULE 16 – Relationship between Physics & Robotics & Programming the Light Sensor MODULE 17 – Robots on Mars & Advanced Programming of the Light Sensor MODULE 18 – Intro to Drones & Programming the Ultrasonic Sensor (Part 1) MODULE 19 – Future of Drones & Programming the Ultrasonic Sensor (Part 2) MODULE 20 – Intro to AI & Programming the Line Follower (Part 1) MODULE 21 – Intro to Autonomous Vehicles & Programming the Line Follower (Part 2) MODULE 22 – Autonomous Cars & Programming the LEDs MODULE 23 – Intro to 3D Printing & Programming the Onboard Switch and Timer MODULE 24 – Latest Robots & Programming with Advanced Blocks/Functions MODULE 25 – Advanced Programming with GizmoBot
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