Hey Kids! Here are some of the coolest robots you should know

Hey Kids! Here are some of the coolest robots you should know

You will learn in Modo?s JumpStart course that a ?Robot? is a programmable, multi-functional manipulator, which can sense, plan and act independently. (Wiki) In JumpStart you will come across various types of robots that have found their applications in the fields of medicine, industry, military and so on. 

But what you should not miss is the lesson on the coolest robots that are both functional and advanced ? some of them are part of our day to day lives. View below these robots and click on respective links to learn more about them.  

No # 1 is Sophia

Sophia is one of the brightest inventions in the world of robots. Sophia was developed by Hanson Robotics and was activated in Feb 2016. It?s voice recognition software is provided by Alphabet, Google parent company. In addition, Sophia?s AI, face recognition, visual data processing are pretty advanced that it can have meaningful conversation with humans. 

No # 2 is Pepper

Pepper, a humanoid, was developed by Softbank Japan. It is designed to be a day to day companion who has ability to understand and react to the emotions of humans. Pepper is helping customers across many Softbank mobile stores.

No # 3 is Aibo

Aibo is designed by Sony corporation. Aibo stands for Artification Intelligence Robot. Aibo is an awesome robotic pet a child can have. It is playful, friendly, affectionate and interestingly has few tricks up its sleeve. Do you know that Aibo iss added to the Caneigie Mellon University Robot Hall Of Fame?

No # 4 is Kuri

Kuri was designed by Mayfield Robotics; its key features awareness and personality . It is 20 inches tall and can blink, glow and even chirp playfully. You can guess its mood by looking at the color of its light. It can easily move around your house, and what more? It even has camera which can record and store videos. 

No # 5 is Jibo

Last but definitely not the least of the coolest robots is Jibo. It was launched in 2017 by Jibo Inc, USA. It is considered to be the most social robot ? Jibo uses advanced speech and facial recognitions to interact with people around it, narrate stories, sing lullabies, and what not! 

I am sure you are kicked to know more about not just the coolest robots but also the most functional robots. Right? Enroll in JumpStart today.

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